Viewers could soon be rewarded for watching TV as loyalty cards come to a screen near you.

Any household hooked up to Sky could soon be using smartcards in conjunction with their set-top boxes.

Broadcasters such as Sky and ITV could offer viewers loyalty points in return for watching a particular channel or programme.

Sky will activate a spare slot on set-top boxes in January, marketing magazine New Media Age reported.

Sky set-top boxes have two slots. One is for the viewer’s decryption card, while the other has been dormant until now.

Nigel Whalley, Decipher
Loyalty cards have become a common addition to most wallets, as High Street brands rush to keep customers with a series of incentives offered by store cards.

Now similar schemes look set to enter the highly competitive world of multi-channel TV.

Viewers who stay loyal to a particular TV channel could be rewarded by free TV content or freebies from retail partners.

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