Police officers in India have invited the public to post jokes about them in a bid to improve the image of the force.

Assam Police admit they have their share of “sadists, eccentrics and deviants” but want to promote their lighter side.

A message on the force’s website said: “The police too have a lighter side. There are plenty of jokes, anecdotes and pleasant encounters with humour…

“Our effort would be to provide fun and pleasure with special reference to the men in uniform”

The website however asks visitors to observe caution: “Jokes have their limits and should not be cut at the cost of dignity of a person or profession.

“This profession probably is the most misunderstood one. Every force, every agency has its quota of sadists, eccentrics and deviants… so has this profession.”

People are invited to contribute jokes on the force’s website www.assampolice.com.