Stolen banknotes dumped in a US creek were found by beavers and weaved into their dam.

Thousands of dollars were stolen from a casino in Greensburg, Louisiana, and thrown into a creek, reports the Advocate.

Police said beavers tore open a money bags and wove the bills into the sticks and brush of their dam.

Major Michael Martin said deputies also recovered two other money bags, one of which had floated against the dam.

So far, deputies have recovered slightly more than half of the £40,000 stolen from the Lucky Dollar Casino.

Lawyers representing a man claiming to be involved in the theft contacted police to try to make a deal.

He told officers where the money had been dumped and police began a search to try to recover the cash.

Deputies found one of the bags right away and found the second downstream but couldn’t find the third – until they looked at the dam itself.

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