A Czech man has invented special vibrating shoes to help blind people ‘see’ with their feet.

Antonin Kaspara’s shoe has a special device in its sole that sends out a beam of infrared light.

A sensor picks up any light reflected back off potential obstacles and activates a device to make the sole vibrate to warn the walker.

He said: “It works like a bat’s sonar except it uses light beams to detect rather than sound, and is really effective.”

Mr Kaspara, from Hluk, said the shoe, which runs on a battery which needs replacing every day, can be produced using simple materials for £11.

Kaspara, who has had the shoes patented, said: “It could be on the market by next year.”

Viktor Dudr, of the United Organisation for the Blind and Partially-Sighted in the Czech Republic, said Mr Kaspara had surpassed the efforts of British scientists with millions of pounds at their disposal.

“The blind can currently use some devices which alert them when there’s an obstacle but to be able to register the signal, they must wear headphones and that’s a handicap because hearing is extremely important for the blind,” he said.

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