A Dutch actress now has x-rays of her breasts posted on her website to prove they’re all natural.

Georgina Verbaan wants to disprove claims she’s had implants – and warns she’ll sue anyone who says different.

Verbaan shot to stardom in her homeland as the 16-year-old star of soap-opera Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, or Good Times Bad Times, in the 1990s.

But a recent model shoot by the now 25-year-old, ignited speculation over whether her chest was real or silicone.

The x-rays are now on her website, www.georginaverbaan.nl.

Verbaan claims her larger breasts were just because she had put on weight, “luckily in the right place”, when she started taking the pill. She also pointed out she was no longer 16.

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