The Seven Dwarves are threatening to strike at a Christmas market in Germany after Snow White was fired for posing naked.

Model Samira, 22, has played the part of Snow White for the past five years at the annual Christmas market in the ancient city of Dresden.

Her long black hair, pale skin and beautiful red lips made her a favourite among schoolchildren, and their dads.

But after posing for some saucy snaps in the country’s biggest selling newspaper Bild, she was banished from Fairyland by the organisers of the Christmas market.

Peter Siebecke, manager of Art Promotion which runs the fair attractions, said: “We already planned for her not to be included as Snow White in 2004.”

But Samira, born to Turkish parents in Germany, said: “That’s rubbish. It is all because of the photos. I am really upset.”

Now the seven dwarves, along with other characters from the Grimm Fairy Tale, even the wicked Queen, are threatening strike action unless Samira is reinstated.

Even the mayor of Dresden is behind her. A spokesman said: “The mayor really liked Snow White at the Christmas Market. He really misses her.”

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