The man known as “Mr. Plastic Fantastic” has great credit. So great, in fact, that it takes a wallet nearly as long as a football field to carry his credit cards.

Walter Cavanagh owns 1,497 valid credit cards (he assumes a card is valid until he hears otherwise) with a potential credit line of about $1.7 million.

The retired real estate broker, who lives in the small San Luis Obispo County community of Shell Beach, said his collecting began with a bet more than three decades ago.

He and a friend were sitting in his apartment in 1969 and bet who could collect the most credit cards. The loser would buy dinner.

Cavanagh managed to obtain 143 cards in a year and got a rib-eye steak dinner. He also caught the plastic bug.

He has become so good at collecting the cards that he has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, which gave him his nickname.

He also holds the title for the world’s longest wallet — a 38-pound monster that is 250 feet long and can hold 800 cards.

Most of his collection is kept in bank safe deposit boxes, however.

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