Doc Searls: I’m a very frequent United flyer. Here’s what I want (but have never been asked about):

-Clean windows

-More legroom

-A cupholder like the euro airlines have (separate from the tray table)

-Better sound for Channel 9 (the cockpit channel)

-Power for my laptop

-A net connection, via wi-fi

-The old cappucino machines back, in the Red Carpet Clubs (‘cuz the new ones all deliver really sucky sugar drinks).

I recently asked a Ted pilot what the difference was between Ted and other United planes, besides a paint job. He said “nothing.” The flight attendant added, “More legroom for the whole cabin, no business or first class.”

Meanwhile, JetBlue has comfortable seats, DirecTV, good service, and (somebody told me… is it true?) Net connectivity. I’ve only flown JB once and liked it (comfortable, cheap, clean windows). But they’re nowhere near Santa Barbara, so: not an option.

I’d really like to help United, but I think they’re too forked for that.

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