The Snow White sacked from a German Christmas market for posing naked has been given a job at a rival market. Check out the photo that got her fired.

Snow White, alias German singer Samira, was fired despite being the most popular fairytale character at the annual Christmas market in Dresden for five years.

The 22-year-old was banished from fairyland after she was photographed floating naked under rose petals in a bath for the cover of her new single.

The story made front page news in Germany after the seven dwarves, who were still appearing at the market, threatened to down tools in protest.

But now Snow White’s manager, Gerd Richter, has confirmed she has been given another job at a bigger Christmas market just down the road.

Bernd Kaden, who runs the Christmas market in nearby Meissen, said: “We could not believe they didn’t want her. We are happy to take her on.”

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