An intelligent cooker has been invented that stops pans from boiling over, it emerged yesterday.

The cooker is fitted with sensors to detect when the contents of the pan produce too much steam and to turn down the heat automatically. It also senses if the pan may have boiled dry and switches off the gas as a precaution.

A working prototype of the Sensiboil cooker has been created by a design graduate, Chris Aram, 25, who invented the cooker as a final-year project on his course in product design at Brunel University.

Many accidents in the home are caused by pans being left unattended. The Sensiboil is not a substitute for paying proper care and attention in the kitchen, but it is comforting to know it is always on the ball, even if you’re not.”

Mr Aram, from Bedford, is hoping to generate interest from manufacturers to take the idea forward.

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