The Business Software Alliance claims that over one in five British people buy their software via spam, bases on a survey conducted by Forrester Research.

According to the BSA, “many online consumers don’t consider the true motives of spammers. In addition to profiting from selling goods and services… organised crime rings use spam to gain access to personal information”.

The BSA estimates that 90 per cent of us here in the UK get spam. We do have spam laws here in Britain. But they really are toothless.

Perhaps the BSA might like to lobby the government to sharpen its teeth a little about the spam problem.

After all, if something effective was done to cut down that 90 per cent figure, ignorant, naive, or greedy people would not be clicking on spam headed Chr1stmas [email protected]]e – M]crosoft Plus 95 which offers Windows XP Professional and Office XP for a really cheap price from an organisation describing itself as an OEM CD retail outfit.

Perhaps prominent BSA backers such as Microsoft, Symantec and Adobe could help stamp out British spam?

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