With a list of the top 40 nominations in alphabetical order, you get to vote on your favorite programmer in all history. Even though they left out Benoit Mandelbrot, this is a good list.

In alphabetical order the nominees are:

Tim Berners-Lee: “Father of the World Wide Web” and expectant father of the Semantic Web

Joshua Bloch: Formerly at Sun, where he helped architect Java’s core platform; now at Google

Grady Booch: One of the original developers of the Unified Modeling Language

Adam Bosworth: Famous for Quattro Pro, Microsoft Access, and IE4; then BEA, now Google

Don Box: Coauthor of SOAP

Stewart Brand: Cofounder in 1984 of the WELL bulletin board

Tim Bray: One of the prime movers of XML, now with Sun

Dan Bricklin: Cocreator of VisiCalc, the first PC spreadsheet

Larry Brilliant: Cofounder in 1984 of the WELL bulletin board

Sergey Brin: Son-of-college-math-professor turned cofounder of Google, Inc.

Dave Cutler: The brains behind VMS; hired away by Microsoft for Windows NT

Don Ferguson: Inventor of the J2EE application server at IBM

Roy T. Fielding: Primary architect of HTTP 1.1 and a founder of the Apache Web server

Bob Frankston: Cocreator of VisiCalc, the first PC spreadsheet

Jon Gay: The “Father of Flash”

James Gosling: “Father of Java” (though not its sole parent)

Anders Hejlsberg: Genius behind the Turbo Pascal compiler, subsequently “Father of C#”

Daniel W. Hillis: VP of R&D at the Walt Disney Company; cofounder, Thinking Machines

Miguel de Icaza: Now with Novell, cofounder of Ximian

Martin Fowler: Famous for work on refactoring, XP, and UML

Bill Joy: Cofounder and former chief scientist of Sun; main author of Berkeley Unix

Mitch Kapor: Designer of Lotus 1-2-3, founder of Lotus Development Corporation

Brian Kernighan: One of the creators of the AWK and AMPL languages

Mitchell Kertzman: Former programmer, founder, and CEO of Powersoft (later Sybase)

Klaus Knopper: Prime mover of Knoppix, a Linux distro that runs directly from a CD

Craig McClanahan: Of Tomcat, Struts, and JSF fame

Nathan Myhrvold: Theoretical and mathematical physicist, former CTO at Microsoft

Tim O’Reilly: Publisher, open source advocate; believer that great technology needs great books

Jean Paoli: One of the co-creators of the XML 1.0 standard with the W3C; now with Microsoft

John Patrick: Former VP of Internet technology at IBM, now “e-tired”

Rob Pike: An early developer of Unix and windowing system (GUI) technology

Dennis Ritchie: Creator of C and Coinventor of Unix

Richard Stallman: Free software movement’s leading figure; founder of the GNU Project

Bjarne Stroustrup: The designer and original implementor of C++

Andy Tanenbaum: Professor of computer science, author of Minix

Ken Thompson: Coinventor of Unix

Linus Torvalds: “Benevolent dictator” of the Linux kernel

Alan Turing: Mathematician; author of the 1950 paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”

Guido van Rossum: Author of the Python programming language

Ann Winblad: Former programmer, cofounder of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

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