Thomas Frey: Google has just announced a new Beta Site called Google Suggest. As you type in the search word or phrase, Google will offer suggestions. Some good, some not so good.

Google Suggest
is designed to make it easier to type in your favorite searches (let’s face it — we’re all a little lazy). It uses similar technology to the “Did you mean?” feature that offers substitutes for your possibly misspelled search terms.

The service was invented by Google software engineer, Kevin Gibbs, who brought the idea from a simple table conversation to Googles newest offering in just a few months.

As you type, a popup menu appears with suggested words to search for.

It works for phrases, too. It seems to build the list of suggestions from actual text found on the web; it will present you with common typos to complete your words.

The suggestions are not really in alphabetical order. It’s some sort of mystical magical selection. It also gives you a playground to explore what others are searching about, and learn about things you haven’t dreamt of.