Law Enforcement Associates Corporation surveillance and security technology company today announced today that it has successfully conducted comparison firing test of its new stun pistol using FMT™ technology against the TASER X-26® pistol, using Tasers’® 21-foot cartridge. LEA Stun pistol with FMT™ technology surpassed Tasers X-26® weapon in both distance and accuracy when fired at 20 feet and 30 feet.

During the testing, the weapon’s launching system successfully shocked and disabled Paul Feldman, President of LEA, who was wearing a class111A bulletproof vest.

Paul Feldman, President of LEA stated “I volunteered to be shot with LEA ‘s Stun Pistol during our testing for several reasons, first and foremost to show that our weapon is real and is safe.”

“We will post on our website the video of the range and accuracy testing as well as the video of me being shot with our weapon this week. The testing took place December 14, 2004. We are very pleased with the progress of our weapon and to have the SLA model of our weapon out perform the competition in two key areas is very encouraging.” Mr. Feldman added, “We are confident in our test results and the performance of our weapon. We are completely willing to participate in any side-by-side comparison testing for range and accuracy with any stun gun manufacturer.

Law Enforcement Associates, Inc., headquartered in Youngsville, N.C., manufactures and markets a diverse line of undercover surveillance products including a complete line of audio surveillance equipment. LEA currently markets to the Military, law enforcement, security and corrections personnel throughout the world, as well as governmental agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations.

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