Every now and again, some new technology comes along that’s applied to something so mundane, that the innovation itself almost gets lost. The same might be said about some sectors of nanotechnology — textiles in particular

Now, nanotechnology is literally shaping the fabric of our lives by helping to create not just clothes that may never wear out, but smart shirts that track all kinds of physiological data — everything from new military uniforms to the ultimate in home-health-care pajamas.

Now, high fashion is meeting high tech — in this case, at Nano-Tex in Emeryville, Calif. which has developed a new fabric that is showing up in Brooks Brothers shirts, Nordstrom ties, and travelsmith sports jackets

Where normal fabric absorbs stains like grape juice, nanotech fabric from Nano-Tex repels it. The fabric is coated with molecules the company engineered. They attach themselves to one another, and then attach to the fabric forming a nano shield against stains.

But unlike like Scotch-Guard or traditional coatings, this nano approach doesn’t change the texture of the fabric.

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