Whole Foods Markets is reconsidering whether to continue selling Toasty Tots, a line of microwaveable stuffed animals, that an educator said could lead children to believe there is nothing wrong with putting their pets in household appliances.

Scott Simons, regional manager of the Texas-based organic foods market, said Wednesday that officials will consult with buyers to determine if the Toasty Tots products should be sold in their stores.

“We listen to our customers,” Simons said. “They bring up great points, and we are a very sensitive company.”

The soft plush animals can be heated in the microwave to become warm dolls.

Mike McBreen, who teaches family education classes in Boulder, said he raised the concerns because he believes the toys could give children the wrong idea. He said he has had clients whose children have put cats and dogs in the washer, dryer and even oven.

“Little kids, preschoolers, and kids even in first grade don’t realize that you can’t do things like that,” he said. “It’s beyond their levels of comprehension. Older kids, when they start getting into mischief, don’t need any more suggestions.”

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