Here are some predictions about the stories which won’t – or really shouldn’t – appear on the pages of over the course of the coming 12 months.

Markets go mad for tech IPOs –
A lot is being said about the fact 2004 finally saw some technology IPO activity, but let’s not get carried away. Merger and acquisition still looks the far likelier exit strategy for any company in this space.

Spam drops back below 50 per cent mark –
All indications suggest the problem of spam email will continue to increase well into 2005. The watershed mark of spam accounting for more than 50 per cent of email was passed in mid-2003 and it’s unlikely to dip below that mark again any time soon… if ever.

Indian firm opens Middlesbrough call center –
A lot has been written about the effects of offshoring on the UK job market. The emotive claims of ‘jobs to India’ often overshadowed the facts. However, while some predict a slowing down in this trend don’t expect to see it reversing.

ID cards: Government offers to waive charges… –
ID cards have proven to be a controversial issue through 2004 and that will certainly continue into 2005 and beyond to the time they are eventually, inevitably introduced. One issue is the fact the government intends to charge people for what many view as an infringement of their civil liberties, but it’s unlikely the Home Secretary will pass up the chances for the scheme to be partially self-funding.

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