Some of the most desirable tech toys in the world are awfully hard to get your hands on. They cost a fortune, are only available overseas or sell out so quickly you’ve got to sit on a waiting list for six months to get one.

Then there are the gadgets that just can’t be had at any price. Great photos.

1.) Peltier Beer Cooler

This cup holder uses hardware meant for cooling microprocessors to chill any kind of beverage. – Made by Per Øyvind Arnesen.

2.) Altoids iPod Battery

This external power source for iPod music players uses three nine-volt batteries to provide up to ten hours of play time.
Made by Chris DiClerico.

3.) The Cryo Mouse

This standard computer mouse is modified with a clear plastic window, blue LED and tiny toy person to make it look as if it houses a frozen body.
Made by Jani Pönkkö

4.) The Electr-O-Sketch

This computerized, automated Etch-A-Sketch allows you to draw with a mouse instead of those annoying knobs.
Was created solely for academic use by Jason Levin & Chris Hopkins, students in a Cornell University engineering course.

5.) The Falcon PC

This fully functioning PC has been modified to fit inside of a vintage Millennium Falcon from Kenner’s Star Wars toy line.
Made by Russ Caslis.

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