Lawrence Lessig: So here’s something cool that I’m happy to be able to announce. Five years ago, I published Code. It’s time for an update. But rather than update in the old fashioned way, Basic Books has agreed to the following:

Beginning in February, we’ll be posting Version 1 of Code to a Wiki. “Chapter Captains” will then supervise updates and corrections. Depending upon the progress, sometime near June, I will take the product and edit and rewrite it to produce Code, v2. The Wiki will stay live forever (under a Creative Commons license). The edited book will be published in the fall. I have donated my advance for Code, v2 to Creative Commons. All royalties beyond the advance will be donated as well.

At this point, we’re collecting “Chapter Captain” (CCs, of course) volunteers. CCs should be expert in the subject of the chapter, and willing to work through the Wiki to produce an updated chapter.

My aim is not to write a new book; my aim is to correct and update the existing book. But I’m eager for advice and expert direction. If you’re interested in volunteering, email me at this address.

I am grateful to Basic Books to allow me to try this experiment. I worked very hard five years ago to learn enough to write Code. I’m extremely eager for the book to gain from the collective wisdom of at least part of the Net. No one can know whether this will work. But if it does, it could be very interesting.

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