Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins: For more than 12 months, I’ve been visiting, trying out and reviewing several weblog tools – from aggregators (blog readers) to weblog software. With a lot of tools flooding the blogosphere right now, bloggers are bound to favor some over others. These are my top favorites for 2004.


This is probably one of the best places to blog even though it may lack certain features and functions. It’s great for bloggers of every type. And, it’s free!

2) WordPress

I only discovered WordPress early this year. It wasn’t love-at-first sight. But, the more I got to know this opensource software, the more I fell in love. Now, I’m a huge fan.

3) Bloglines

This online aggregator is the best I’ve seen by far. It’s just so easy to get started with Bloglines. And, this tool just keeps getting better!

4) Movable Type

I’ve been a strong supporter of Movable Type since its first release. And, even though it went commercial this year, I still can’t help but think that it’s one of the best weblog software around. Thank goodness it still has a free version!

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