Capsular Contracture commonly occurs as a result of breast implant surgery. The body forms a matrix of scar tissue around the breast implant that eventually shrinks with time, which causes the implant to deform and misshape the breast. Graphic illustration.

One method of counteracting the effects of this phenomenon is called Closed Capsulotomy, whereby a doctor manually compresses and massages the breast. By forcing the implant to expand and stretch, the periprosthetic scar tissue is systematically broken down around the implant.

Implant manufacturers do not recommend this as the abnormal and uncontrolled force can cause internal hemorrhaging and rapture of the implant.

This idea is a breast compression device that is secured around a woman’s breast by means of a harness. The harness consists of an adjustable waist and shoulder strap that supports a frame assembly around the breast.

The frame in turn contains pneumatic bladders, positioned on the left and right side of the breast. A small control module, worn on the waist belt, activates an air pump which inflates the bladders for 10 second cycles followed by a 10 second rest period.

The control module possesses sensors that automatically switch off the device once the recommended time period for the treatment has been reached or preprogrammed threshold levels have been exceeded. Thus a woman can safely self-administer closed capsulotomy massaging in the comfort of her own home.

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