A new phone from Samsung Electronics has the ability to recognize and respond to the motion of its user, opening the door to a host of new mobile phone features.

The SCH-S310, to be released in Korea in March, allows callers to perform such functions as speed-dial by gesture, such as “writing” a number in the air with the phone.

Shaking the phone twice ends the call or deletes spam messages.

The phone also understands an “O” for yes and “X” for no, as the user draws these figures in the air with the phone. Moving the phone sharply to the right when using the MP3 player will play the next song in the user’s list; moving it to the left will select the previous tune.

“This is characteristic of the types of enhancements you’re going to see made to cell phones going forward,” John Jackson, senior analyst, Yankee Group, told TechNewsWorld. “It’s designed to beget innovation and beget development; it’s an enabling technology. What it enables is going to be up to consumers and whoever decides to do something creative with this technology.”

“I think this in one of hundreds of enabling technologies that we’re going to see trailed in the next year or so,” he said.

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