The number of people sent to prison in France for sex offences has multiplied by seven over the past 20 years.

Now almost a quarter of male detainees in French jails – or 8,200 people – are sex offenders and nearly three-quarters of those have raped children.

Doctors in France have started giving chemical treatment to 48 repeat sex offenders to see if it will stop them attacking again.
All the men, who have finished prison terms for sex crimes, are volunteers.

The government hopes the treatment, which is already available in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the US will help stem the increase in sex crimes.

The statistics are so bad, the government had to do something.

French Justice Minister, Dominic Perben, told French radio that experimenting with chemical treatment to curb sex crime had never been tried in France before.

But he said if it works it could, like psychological treatment, be something sex offenders are forced to undergo in the future.

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