An automated, inexpensive eye test that takes 10 minutes to complete has correctly diagnosed ADHD in more than 90% of children tested.

After three years of research, UK scientists from Brunel University in Middlesex have announced that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—ADHD—can be diagnosed in preschool children using the simple test. The condition is currently diagnosed mainly through questionnaires.

“This biological test proved to be objective, and highly accurate, and can be used at preschool age,” says study leader Giorgos Pavlidis. “The discovery is also important internationally as the test operates equally effectively regardless of language, race, culture and IQ.”

Pavlidis and colleague Panagiotis Samaras wanted to see whether there was a significant correlation between the eye movements of children aged four to six and symptoms of ADHD. They ran four eye movement tasks lasting 30 seconds each on 65 children in Thessaloniki, Greece, about half of whom were diagnosed with ADHD. A fully automated system measured and analyzed the results.

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