A chicken called Lucky, that helped its owner pick out winning lottery numbers, has been eaten by a fox.

Lucky was rescued by Billy Gibbons who found it close to death while he was out walking in 2003, reports the Daily Post.

A week later, while recuperating at Mr Gibbon’s Cheshire home, it tapped five numbers into a calculator and netted its owner £1,300.

But Lucky’s number finally came up when Mr Gibbons forgot to lock its coop and it was snatched by a fox.

Mr Gibbons, 48, said: “I am upset if any of my chickens get killed by a fox. That was obviously a special chicken.

“I rescued it from certain death. I think it knew that and it followed me everywhere.”

Mr Gibbons is now trying to train his remaining hens to peck out numbers too but admitted: “It’s not quite the same.”

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