Building workers in Chile became a local sensation after accidentally staging their own naked reality show.

Builders working on an enclosed site in Santiago walked naked to and from their showers as they thought they could not be seen.

But they were in full view of people on the opper floors of the neighbouring Vitacura Tower and the Radisson Hotel.

The workers´ shower time became a popular attraction for local women who flocked to the vantage points for the ‘show’ each day.

Word soon spread and TV crews and newspaper reporters went along to watch what was dubbed ‘The builders’ reality show’.

Witness Ana Arriagada told Las Ultimas Noticias: “When I saw it I blushed and laughed very hard. It was incredibly funny to see them feeling comfortable as if they were at home.”

The construction workers still had no idea what was going on until they were alerted by their bosses who have now provided a roof for the shower area.

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