Macedonian thieves stole sausages instead of thousands of pounds because the bank manager had used an empty money bag to carry his shopping.

The three men went into the Timor exchange office in the capital Skopje and demanded the 45-year-old manager hand over all the money.

But they saw the bulging cloth bag normally used for transporting money lying on the counter and grabbed it and ran off, thinking they had taken the money.

But the manager had actually been using the bag to carry the sausages, local daily Dnevnik reported.

Police who are looking for the trio said the thieves must have been disappointed to find out what was in the bag.

A spokesman said: “The manager had his sandwiches for the day and five kilos of sausages he was going to take home later in the bag. The thieves must have been very disappointed when they found out what was really inside.”

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