The electronically implanted Orgasmatron, named after a machine in the 1968 Jane Fonda film Barbarella, has been shown to work 10 out of 11 times.

Inventor Dr Stuart Meloy, an American pain consultant, said: “This is the first group research and I think we have demonstrated that it works.”

One woman in the trial, Mary Clegg, 52, from Hampshire, said: “It certainly did work for me. When I first used it my leg flew up in the air.”

The device, implanted into the buttocks, is said to produce an orgasm at the push of a remote-controlled button.

Patients can pay £9,000 to have two electrodes implanted which are connected by wires to nerves in the spinal cord.

With a remote-control they can send tiny pulses of electricity through their spinal nerves, which can lead to orgasm.

Dr Meloy, who is to submit the trial results to the journal Neural Modulation, originally used the device to ease back pain.

He became aware of the positive side effects when a patient suggested he teach her husband how to ‘do that’.

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