Thomas Frey: When I was 19 years old I fell victim to one of the “submit-your-invention-and-we’ll-make-you-rich” scams advertised in many of the magazines back then. The person I talked to on the telephone had fallen in love with my invention and told me in no uncertain terms that I was going to become very wealthy. As a young farm kid in the early 70s I still believed the world was a nice place. And much like a hungry trout, I swallowed the hook. This was a mistake that I paid dearly for.

Besides the financial loss, I lost much of my faith in mankind.

The world hasn’t changed very much since then because these same types of scams are alive and well today. Attorneys most likely have to clean up after this kind of mess, and the inventors have to pay a second time for the cleanup.

At the Inventor Boot Camp people learn the world of inventing without the sugar coating. Inventing a product is tough work. The invention itself is just one step in what can sometimes be a very, very long process. The Boot Camp teaches you what’s important. It’ll teach you how to focus your energies on driving your product forward. And most importantly, what it takes to become successful.

EVENT: Inventor Boot Camp – Weekend Crash Course

DATE: February 12, 2005

TIMES: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: DeVry University, 1870 W. 122nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234


INSTRUCTORS: Thomas Frey, Al Gebhard, John Funk, Jim Carter, and Theresa DeGroote

COST: $195 – ($50 discount for DaVinci Institute Members) – Register at

COMBO PACKAGE: Membership combined with Blogger Boot Camp: $250 – Register at


The Inventor Boot Camp is designed for people who are serious about being an inventor. This may include anyone who either has a patent or is thinking about patenting something. The contents of this workshop will apply to everyone from a first-time inventor to seasoned inventors wanting to tackle their next project. This is powerful information for those dedicated to developing their invention.