Visitors to Tasmania will soon be able to buy a new souvenir of their Australian experience – paper made from kangaroo manure.

“It’s a great product for tourists, but it’s also something that gets our eco-friendly message home to a lot of people,” said Joanne Gair, manager of Creative Paper Tasmania.

The first batch of paper has now been produced, but Ms Gair conceded that there was one remaining problem – finding a constant supply of kangaroo and wallaby dung.

“At the moment we are finding it very difficult to get the quantity of poo we need,” she said.

“We are hoping the community will help by collecting poo for us and dropping it off in plastic bags. New or old, we’ll take it all,” she told the Advocate newspaper.

The company estimates that about 400 A4 sheets of paper can be made from 25kg (55 pounds) of kangaroo manure.

Ms Gair said her idea was inspired by the success of the elephant dung paper industry in Africa.

“I also discovered that in Scandinavia, elk poo paper is the stationery of choice in most offices,” she added.

“That got me thinking we should create a uniquely Tasmanian paper from roo poo.”

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