Two Kenyan boys whose penises were cut off to be sold for making anti-AIDS potions have had them reconstructed in Spain, the doctor treating them said.

The adolescent boys, from a remote region near the border with Uganda, were mutilated after being given drugged food or drink by strangers.

“They had attacked them to cut off their penises to sell … for making a type of potion which according to a local belief cures AIDS,” Doctor Pedro Cavadas, from the Levante Rehabilitation Center told radio station Cadena Ser.

One of the boys also lost an ear trying to fend off his attackers after regaining consciousness during the mutilation.

“It seems that the dose of medication that they gave him to knock him out … was badly calculated, and so he woke up in the middle of the attack,” Cavadas said.

“He then tried to defend himself and because of this has a lot more injuries.”

Cavadas runs a foundation that carries out all types of reconstructive surgery in Kenya.

The foundation’s Web site said two people had been arrested in connection with penis mutilation, although it was not clear if they were linked to the attacks on the 12 and 14-year-old boys.

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