The Holoscreen is a revolutionary holographic film which displays any image fed through a projector at a specific angle on to a transparent display.

All other light is ignored. The result is a remarkably bright and sharp image quality – even in brightly lit environments. The screen is a 1.5m x 1.0m rectangle of 10mm glass with a 610mm x 814mm sheet of translucent attached to it. Any type of projector can be used to cast the image. To complete the futuristic setup, a pair of optional Ferguson Hill FH001 speakers can be positioned either side of the screen.

Looking more like space-age satellite dishes the speakers stand an impressive 1.65m high by 0.92m wide by 0.72m deep. The whole system sells for £25,000 of which the speakers make up £9,999 of the price tag. They are driven by modified Lowther DX3’s.

The projector renders a huge forty inch image on the glass screen that seems to hang in mid air. Due to the science of the angles involved the image seems bright and clear even in an environment with plenty of other light about. The projector can take various simultaneous inputs such as TV, DVD and computer. In a standard instillation the projector sits on the floor about 5 feet behind the screen, so while the bulkiness of rear projection screens has literally vanished, it actually occupies a greater amount of space.

The CLARO glass TV and monitor will accept all inputs for playback on screen. From cable services to free to air Television, DVD, video, PC or laptop, even games consoles – pretty much anything you can plug into a television or computer screen.

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