James Dyson has invented a vacuum cleaner that can order its own spare parts.

The cleaner alerts the user if it has broken down or needs a replacement part.

The owner then dials the number of the Dyson call centre and holds the telephone receiver to the vacuum cleaner.

The machine transmits a message telling engineers what’s wrong and orders any new part it needs.

Its computer chip even lets them know when it was bought and for how long it has been in use.

The vacuum is already on sale in Japan reports The Sun.

Dyson has made £800 million from inventing the first no bag vacuum cleaner.

He said the new cleaner was devised to save owners the hassle of finding their model details and serial number.

He said: “The machine does it all for you by sending a binary message. So you never have this awful business of quoting the model number. It’s doing very well. There aren’t many people selling electrical goods to Japan!”

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