Drive-thru brothels are set to appear across Germany after the country’s first one proved a huge success.

The brothel was set up in 2001 in Cologne and includes eight garages or “performance boxes”, which clients can drive their cars into to do business with the women. There are also containers for customers who do not own a car.

The project provides showers and toilets for the prostitutes and the garages are equipped with emergency sirens that the women can push if they feel threatened.

The project faced massive opposition from locals when, just over three years ago, the German city moved the “street scene” to the controlled compound.

Marlis Bredehorst, head of social affairs in the city, said: “The results show that it was the right move.” She said that attacks on prostitutes had dropped and that certain health issues had been addressed.

Other German cities, like Essen, Bonn, Dusseldorf and Hanover have sent experts to study the project and are planning to copy it.

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