Some behaviors that delight potential dates go a long way in turning off potential employers, says Ann Demarais, coauthor of “First Impressions: What You Don’t Know About How Others See You”.

The following behaviors, they say, may score you points socially but lose you the offer professionally:

A flirty, bantering style. Playfulness is a plus at a party. That sly, little I-think-you’re-really-cute smile. That casual, split-second touch of a person’s arm. All of that’s taboo on a job interview, says Demarais. Research shows that bosses hire those who come across as solid and reliable, not slinky and tempting.

Focus on the other person. How appealing at a social event it is to meet someone who finds you so fascinating that he or she forgets to tell you about his Columbia MBA or the multi-million dollar company she founded and runs; such humility can be oh so endearing, but not with prospective employers. In fact, Demarais coaches job hunters in how to tastefully insert their impressive qualities or accomplishments into the conversation.

Revealing private stuff. At a social event, one person might disclose something personal, and you might then match it. On a job interview, though, tread carefully. Sure, if you see a photo of a hot-air balloon on your interviewer’s desk, you can mention your own ride. But otherwise, steer clear of revealing that you’re a single parent or that you’re into extreme sports.

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