Freelancer Boot Camp – March 12th: Throughout your career you’ve worked hard to become known as a recognized expert in you field. The people around you know the quality of work that you do, your ability to meet deadlines, and the style and flair that sets you apart from the rest. But establishing yourself as a recognized expert outside your current circles means that you have to break new ground and work outside of your comfort zone.

Switching careers is never easy, and its particularly difficult when you decide to strike out on your own. Working for someone else, you can specialize in one field and be successful. But when you’re on your own, you need to be good at everything. You need to define the services you’re offering, find your clients, figure out how to price your services, write proposals, negotiate contracts, and sell yourself over and over again.

Freelancers come in many shapes and sizes – cartoonists, professional speakers, writers, webdesigners, graphic artists, and videographers, to name a few. Some still call themselves “consultants”, performing services that range from IT technical support to business management or human resource consulting. Others use the title of “coach”. Professional coaches work to create an ongoing partnership with their clients, some specializing in life coaching and others in business coaching.

Being a freelance professional does not require holding advanced degrees or working out of a fancy office. Most work out of their homes. It does require that you have some good marketable skills and the desire and determination to grow those skills into a profitable business operation.

Six of the areas leading experts will be joining us as we talk about your freedom. Freedom to manage your own career. Freedom to manage your own time. And freedom to be as successful as you want to be.

EVENT: Freelancer Boot Camp – Weekend Crash Course

DATE: March 12, 2005

TIMES: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: DeVry University, 1870 W. 122nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234


INSTRUCTORS: Six of the Areas Leading Experts – Pam Watson-Korbel, Kay Baker, David Roberts, Randall Polliard, Robert Goldstein, and Thomas Frey

COST: $195 – ($50 discount for DaVinci Institute Members)

COMBO PACKAGE: Membership combined with Freelancer Boot Camp: $250

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