A knife-wielding bandit looking to carry out a hold up has been arrested after the target he chose turned out to be a police dormitory in Japan.

Yoshimasa Yamada, 26, was arrested for breaking the Swords and Firearms Control Law after he burst into the police dormitory and allegedly screamed out a demand for money only to end up surrounded by police officers.

Yamada admits to the allegations.

“I didn’t really care where I could go, but never dreamed I’d end up where I did,” he said.

Police suspect Yamada may have originally targeted a Japan Railways office at JR Sendai Station located directly beside the police dormitory.

“Our uniforms look pretty similar to those used by JR, so he probably got us mixed up,” a police officer at the scene said.

Police said Yamada burst into the police dormitory on Monday morning. He had a knife in his bag and demanded money from a police officer who promptly responding by arresting him.

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