A man who was too scared to commit suicide instead took out a contract on his own life – but the two men who were paid to do the job failed in their attempt to kill him.

The man, 30, knew the two young men and paid them $5000 each to kill him. Police said he told the men, both 18, he wanted to kill himself but feared he would botch the job. His plan was to take sleeping tablets, then if he was still alive 10 minutes later his paid assistants were to beat him to death with an iron bar.

Last Friday, the three men drove in the victim’s Ford sedan to Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne. They first searched for a cliff where they could dispose of the corpse, but after failing to find anywhere suitable decided
the victim’s body would have to be hidden in bushes instead, police said.

The victim took two boxes of prescription sleeping pills. But instead of quietly slipping into a coma he began to convulse on the ground. The two other men grabbed the large iron bar they had brought with them and struck him two or three times on the head. Satisfied he was dead they left, not bothering to roll the body out of sight.

But the victim had both an iron stomach and a thick skull. He was later found, bloodied and disoriented, staggering down the road. He was taken to hospital, then transferred to a psychiatric ward at another hospital as a non-voluntary patient.

The two young men, who have no police record, have been interviewed by detectives and are believed to have made full admissions. The victim’s car was recovered from outside their house.

It is understood the failed killers spent the money they were paid for the job on alcohol, Cuban cigars and mobile phones.

They are expected to be charged on summons with attempted murder.

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