One in three new dads in Britain admit to trying their partner’s breastmilk.

Cow & Gate undertook a poll of 1,690 men to discover their attitudes on breastfeeding.

They say the results explode the myth that fathers feel excluded when their partner breastfeeds a new baby.

Not only did 74% of all men say they felt included, but a third admitted to trying their partner’s breastmilk.

The majority of those who have tasted breastmilk (69%) were found in East Anglia – nearly three times the number found in Greater London (25%) and more than double those interviewed in the North (29%).

Interestingly none of the men surveyed in the North or Scotland would actually deny tasting their partner’s milk but those in the South were more reserved.

Dr Natasha Bye, Head of Scientific Affairs at Cow & Gate, said: “Cow & Gate is encouraged to see that fathers are supporting their partners in the choice to breastfeed as breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits.”

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