Singapore has installed fat-measuring machines at petrol stations and supermarkets as part of the government’s efforts to combat obesity in the city-state.

Slips of paper generated from the computerised machines, which resemble step-on weighing scales, will indicate the user’s Body-Mass Index (BMI) — a weight-height ratio used as a benchmark for body fat.

“Along with the reading, the machines will also churn out messages reminding the user to exercise, such as jogging for thirty minutes on a regular basis,” said a spokeswoman from the Health Promotion Board.

The machines, which are available free of charge, will be situated around the island-nation till the end of the month.

The BMI checks are part of the Singapore government’s ongoing campaign to promote healthy living amongst its citizens. Other activities to be held throughout the year include health seminars and mass exercise sessions.

Singaporeans are taught to be fat-conscious as early as primary school. Students who fail to achieve prescribed BMI levels are made to undergo fat-busting exercise and diet regimes.

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