Electronics engineer in India has developed a cost effective unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which can perform six different operations ranging from handling hazardous material to land mine detection.

“This is a class C prototype Unmanned Ground vehicle or UGV. We also alternately call it ROV or remote operated vehicle. This can perform six basic operation which includes handling hazardous material like bombs, chemicals and nuclear wastes. Second operation is that of counter attack. This is the operation in which we include gun unit attached to the vehicle to perform a counter-attack in situation like a hostage or terrorist attack,”said Prajwal V Kumar, the inventor of the UGV.

The vehicle which is yet to be given a name has two major units, including a vehicle and a control unit.

The control unit further houses a monitor, wireless transmitters, batteries, joysticks and couple of sophisticated switches and an infrared camera, which can function like a human eye.

Kumar also said that the robot arm attached to this vehicle can fetch the injured from the battlefield especially when there is counter attack and firing from the opposition.

Kumar plans to get his project patented.Scientists and concerned authorities have shown interest in Prajwal’s invention.

“Definitely I am going to patent it (UGV).Nearly one year back Karnataka State Police Bomb Disposal Squad called me regarding this vehicle.They want me to build a full fledged vehicle for the Karnataka State Police for handling bombs,”added Prajwal.

Though Kumar’s UGV, is yet to meet the standards of the Indian defence forces, but the young engineer hopes that his UGV will change the face of critical applications in the battlefield.

UGVs play an important role in the Defence Forces. They could be used for weapons platforms, logistics carriers, and reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition among other things. (ANI)

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