If you hate trying out several pairs of jeans before you get the perfect fit, now the Intellifit system can save your time by selecting the right fit in just three minutes.

The Intellifit system, is a new electronic scanner that measures body size and then suggests appropriate clothing matches.

For many consumers, that’s already a small victory. “The average woman tries on 15 pairs of jeans before buying,” said Emily Hood of Levi’s.

The Intellifit system is housed in a transparent glass cylinder 10 feet high by 8 feet wide. A vertical wand sweeps around the interior perimeter, measuring a shopper’s figure by bouncing radio waves off the body.

The process takes about 10 seconds as the system calculates measurements for 200 body parts, using what’s called 200,000 data points, and quickly prints out a list of suggested jean styles and measurements. (ANI)

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