Nature reports on finding that octopusses like to pretend to be sea coconuts or pose like hunks of coral and tiptoe around on two of their legs like Wile E Coyote pretending to be a shrub. The amazing video footage of the sneak octopi is laugh-out-loud funny!

Two tiny species of tropical octopus have demonstrated a remarkable disappearing trick. They adopt a two-armed ‘walk’ that frees up their remaining six limbs to camouflage them as they slink away from trouble.

“When we noticed one was walking, I thought my gosh, this is amazing. It’s the first underwater bipedal locomotion I know of,” says Christine Huffard of the University of California, Berkeley, who captured the behaviour on video.

Huffard’s team filmed the apple-sized Octopus marginatus in the tropical waters of Indonesia. Instead of its usual sprawling crawl, O. marginatus fled from divers by striding on two arms, with the rest of its arms wrapped around its body, giving it the appearance of a walking coconut.

Amazing videos here.