The accuDEXA® Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System makes possible a better future for millions by providing a quick, convenient, and economical aid in determining fracture risk.

The accuDEXA BMD Assessment System impacts the diagnosis of low BMD like no other system. The speed and simplicity of the exam brings unprecendented convenience to the operator, and comfort to the patient. Its cost-effectiveness makes it possible for all doctors to offer this essential procedure to at-risk patients — even before early symptoms manifest.

Though small in size, accuDEXA is packed with sophisticated technology. Everything you need to quickly and confidently assess the patient’s BMD is housed within the unit. The primary convenience for the patient is the fact that the exam takes place in your office — not at an unfamiliar, off-site location. Secondly, accuDEXA doesn’t require the removal of garments or the application of gels. This makes the exam that much more fast and comfortable — all with the confidence of a precision instrument. The secret to accuDEXA is a patented, ultra-sensitive digital imaging sensor that provides BMD assessment in seconds. The results are achieved using Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), the industry standard for assessing BMD.

Operating the accuDEXA is just as easy. After placing the patient’s hand in the unit, just follow a simple set of commands in the view screen. In 30 seconds you have the results you need. It’s as simple as taking their blood pressure!

accuDEXA assesses the phalanx of the middle finger. This BMD value is a relative indicator of bone density elsewhere in the body. accuDEXA BMD estimates can also be used as an aid to the physican in determining fracture risk. Additionally, phalangeal density tests have shown in studies with Radiographic Absorptiometry to be more predictive than both forearm and spine BMD tests in predicting vertebral deformity.

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