On Wednesday, April 20th, Thomas Frey will be giving a talk on “The Role of Blogs in New Product Development”. This talk is open to the public.

The blog revolution is well underway, giving every Internet user the opportunity to become an online journalist. While it is difficult to calculate exactly how many individuals are involved in blogging, here are some statistics from the The Pew Internet & American Life Project (Feb 2005):

* 7% of the 120 million U.S. adults who use the internet say they have created a blog or web-based diary. That represents more than 8 million people.

* 27% of internet users say they read blogs.

* 5% use RSS aggregators to get news and other information

* 12% of online Americans have posted comments on blogs

* Only 38% of all internet users know what a blog is. The rest are not sure what the term “blog” means.

Blogging puts vast new categories of information at your fingertips. Your ability to manage product design while monitoring customer need has become a real time exercise.

In addition to understanding the emerging blogging world, we will discuss:

· Blog creation and strategies ­ simple elegance

· Promoting your blog and monitoring its attention

· RSS feeds and other blog tools

· 10 interesting blog facts

· Emerging developments in Podcasting

Thomas Frey ([email protected]) is the Executive Director, Founder, and Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute. His talks on futurist topics have captivated people ranging from top levels of government to executives in Fortune 100 companies. Considered by his peers to be the “most creative futurist on the planet”, Tom continually pushes the envelope of understanding, creative fascinating images of the world to come.

Because of his work inspiring and assisting new inventors the Boulder Daily Camera has referred to him as the “Father of Invention”. He is also is one of the nations leading experts on the process of launching new businesses and new technologies. Before launching the Institute, Tom spent 15 years at IBM as an engineer and designer where he received more awards than any other IBM engineer. Tom is the author of the book “Inventions of Impact” and has written numerous articles on a wide range of futurist topics. He has also been a contributing writer for The Futurist Magazine and is the publisher of the Impact Lab, an online emerging technology.

Use of Blogs in New Product Development
Tom Frey ­ DaVinci Institute

When: Wednesday, April 20, 2005, 6-8 pm. Networking starts at 5:30

Where: First Floor, Comcast, 183 Inverness Drive West, Englewood. Ask attendant for room.

Directions: I-25 to Dry Creek, east to Inverness, south 1.2 mile to Comcast on the ight (west)

For information: Call Gary Lundquist, 303-840-9929.

Cost: $10 at the door.