What would you do when you do everything right…and it all goes wrong?
So, when was the last time you met a guy who was sued for $1.4 Billion? Well, Steve Baker is that guy and he has written his story about living the American dream.

His new book, “PUSHING WATER UPHILL With A Rake, Memoirs of a Successful Failure”, shares the fun, excitement and pure exhilaration of building a successful company. In less than a year it grew to one of the largest travel companies in the United States with over $500 million in revenues and included business partners like Playboy Enterprises. He’s very proud to say that his company accomplished more in one year than many will ever achieve.

But, after the excitement of their tremendous success, his story also shares the shock, pain, and deep despair as he watched helplessly while the company and his life vaporized before his eyes. Between a $1.4 Billion lawsuit and the “Black Monday” stock market crash, the company could not survive. The devastation heaped upon his company, his family, and his personal life was immense. His was a sensational roller coaster ride that was the most fun he have had in his life, along with enough pain for two lifetimes.

Steve is passionate about business and the business of life. He knows how to create success and learned the hard way how to manage failure. He has contagious enthusiasm for building new companies and he will be sharing the proactive plans and procedures that helped propel his companies to incredible startup success.

Please join us for an evening that will make a positive impact on your business.

EVENT: Startup Junkie Underground

DATE: April 18, 2005

TIMES: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

LOCATION: Impulse Theater, Basement of the Wynkoop Brewery, 1634-18th St., Denver, CO 80202

COST: Members – Free, Nonmembers – $25

REGISTER – www.davinciinstitute.com/registration.php?EID=163

PHONE: 303-666-4133

SPEAKER: Steve Baker is a business advisor who specializes in business and market development. In addition to his public speaking and writing, he follows his passion for playing golf poorly and often. His website is www.PushingWaterUphill.com