A dog who spent the past 16 years living off whatever he could scrounge at a toxic waste site emerges looking like a bizarre sheep. Check out the photo.

This mysterious mongrel has called the 5,000-acre contaminated expanse of the Berkeley Pit federal Superfund site, combined with Montana Resources’ active mine permit area, its home since 1986. Ironically, its only help in surviving has come from the compas sion of miners.

“He really is a neat dog,” says MR Operations President Steve Walsh.

The Auditor, who got his name by always showing up “when you least expected it,” has served as the open pit copper mine’s de facto mascot since its employees befriended the stray nearly 16 years ago. Numerous snap shots of him are proudly placed alongside ore samples and awards plaques in the main office’s glass display case.

Workers on the night shift have been diligently putting out food and water for the dog whenever it has shown up for the majority of its residency at the mine. For the past few years, baby aspirin has been added to his diet, on a veterinarian’s recommendation to help an arthritic limp he’s developed.

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