The sunlight is collected by panels outdoors, transported through fibre optic cables, flowing into beautifully designed luminaires that light the house….. well, at least when the sun is shining. Great photos.

The products consist of the light-collecting panel SkyPort, the light transporting cable SunWire and the light emitting luminaries Björk. The Björk luminaries are beautiful to use in a wide range of spaces, such as boutiques, stores, offices, entrances, etc. Almost any room is improved when natural light is introduced. The flexible SunWire cable makes installation very easy, also in existing buildings. The SkyPort panels are with standard building elements easily mounted on practically any roof.

Parans’ luminaires seen above give a mixture of parallel light beams and ambient light, just as when the sun strikes through the foliage of a forest. This is the reason why the patent-pending luminaires are named Björk, which is Swedish for birch tree. By installing Parans system, you will be able to tell the weather even in the absence of windows or skylights, re-establishing a connection with the outside environment. The luminaire Björk comes in three geometrical variations in order to give optimal illumination to different rooms. The patented SkyPort can be mounted on roofs or facades, focusing incoming sunlight into optical fibres. These fibres are bundled into a flexible cable with a diameter of 3 cm, permitting transportation of the light up to 15 metres, or about three stories down a building. Indoors, the light flows out through carefully designed luminaires. The light intensity on the floor with 7 metres of cables is 4000 lux. Two SkyPorts mounted in angle makes it possible to bring in both the morning- and afternoon sun.

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