Scientists say Russia’s x-ray vision girl, who claims to be able to see inside the human body, can also spot internal injuries just by looking at a photograph.

Natalia Demkina has been undergoing tests in Japan into her apparent x-ray vision which has enabled her to diagnose medical conditions, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Previous tests in London and New York led to mixed results. British scientists were convinced but there was doubt in the US where she could only determine the illnesses of four out of seven people.

The latest experiments were carried out by Professor Yoshio Machi at Tokyo University, who specialises in studying apparent superpowers in human beings.

Professor Machi said: “We did a whole range of tests, and the strangest thing was that we found she could also use her abilities on photographs, even on tiny passport photos.

“She was able to look at them and apparently see what the problem was. Her ability is not x-ray vision, but she definitely has some kind of talent that we can’t explain yet.”

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