Twenty-four years after living like a boy, Raju has discovered to his shock that he is genetically a girl!

Recently, he discovered that all this time he had been carrying female organs like ovaries and uterus inside his body.

Currently admitted in the VS Hospital, this youngster from Upleta, who was about to get married, is in a dilemma.

Doctors say surgically it would be easier to make him a girl than a man. But Raju wants to be a man. “ Mare bhai rehvu che ,” Raju told TOI.

Raju was diagnosed with ambiguous genitalia when he was a child but his parents thought they would take care of it after his marriage.

“His genetic tests have revealed XX chromosomes of a girl. But since he has been raised as a boy for 24 years and the psychiatric evaluation has also shown his preference to remain a male, we will remove the female organs. At present he has unformed penis and no testes. We will do a testicular implant for him,” says plastic surgeon Vijay Bhatia.

Bhatia said a final decision would be taken only after consulting his family.

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